Wrinkle Relaxing injections


Wrinkle relaxing, or Botox, injections are the most popular cosmetic skin treatment due to their instant, effective results.

Due to the aging process and sun exposure; skin elasticity is lost. Aging signs begin to show - crow's feet and bags around the eyes, frown lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows, etc. - making you look tired and old. If you desire a more youthful look, wrinkle relaxing injections are something you want to be looking into. Anti-wrinkle injections can help reverse these signs of aging, giving your skin a smoother, young look.

How does it work?

Wrinkle relaxing injections (botulinum toxin injections) work by partially blocking the nerve impulses and temporarily relaxing the muscles within the treated area. This allows the skin to lay more flat and smooth, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When used by professionals, botulinum toxin injections are safe with little or no recovery period.

Preventive Botox

For its effective smoothing properties, Botox is being touted as "preventative" treatment for young people. If you start young, you can stop wrinkles from ever appearing in the first place!

Are there any side effects?

There are a few common side effects such as bruising, slight redness of the skin and swelling, however these are temporary. Rarely, it can cause mild headaches or flu-like symptoms that can easily be treated.

Results can be seen in one week and last 3-4 months, after which a top up treatment will be required if you want to maintain the great results.

Wrinkle relaxing injections in conjunction with dermal fillers, can also be used for “non-surgical facelifts”.