Refractive lens exchange


What is refractive lens exchange?

Refractive lens extraction (RLE), also called clear lens exchange (CLE), is the removal of a clear, non cataractous natural lens of the eye with or without intraocular lens placement as a refractive procedure. The aim of the surgery is to improve vision and reduce dependence on glasses.

Who will benefit from RLE surgery?

RLE surgeries are beneficial for those over 40 and suffering from reading vision difficulty, people with early signs of cataract or people suffering from short/long sightedness. An additional advantage of RLE surgery is that it eliminates the chances of developing a cataract later in life.

How is RLE surgery done?

RLE surgery is similar to cataract surgery - your natural lens is removed through a tiny cut and is replaced by an intraocular lens. The entire procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and takes around 30- 40 minutes. It is completely painless.

The multifocal lenses are designed to last a lifetime and choice of lens will be dependent on your requirements and doctor’s assessments of your eyes. The availability of technologically advanced lens options allows patients a high degree of independence from glasses.