Eyelid lumps and bumps including skin tags


Eyelid lumps and bumps

Some lesions on the eyelids are harmless while some could impair vision or may be cancerous and require early surgery.

What are the treatment options?

Due to the proximity to the eye a specialist is required to carry out the surgical excision. These lesions are removed under local anesthetic while preserving your eyelid function.

The majority of eyelid lesions are benign and only in rare cases are lesions of malignant disease. A biopsy is carried out for the definitive diagnosis before removing the lesion when malignant disease is suspected.

Skin tags

Skin lesions like moles and skin tags around the eyes are usually harmless but they can be unsightly and aesthetically unappealing.

What are the treatment options?

A minor surgery can be carried out to remove them or cut them off. This is carried out under a local anesthetic and recovery period is very short.