Entropion and Ectropion surgery


The main cause of this lid disease is the ageing process in which loosening of skin, muscle weakening and lower lid laxity occurs.

What is entropion?

In this condition, the eyelid turns inwards and the eyelashes can come in contact with the surface of the cornea. This can cause excessive watering, red-eye or even permanent corneal scarring and reduction in vision.

What is ectropion?

In this condition, the lid turns outwards and may become red and inflamed. It also leads to exposure of the surface of the cornea and can cause ocular infections. Ectropion can also cause a failure of tears to drain properly to the lacrimal punctum thus leading to excessive watering.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment involves surgical repair under local anesthesia. This will involve tightening of the muscles to correct the turning of the eyelid. There is a small chance of recurrence in some patients.

Entropion will need to be repaired before the rubbing of the eyelashes causes damage to the surface of the eye.

Botulinum toxin can be injected to the eyelid to prevent it from turning in and reduce the chance of corneal ulcers if the surgery can not be done soon. This is usually effective for 2-3 months.


Strenuous activity is restricted for 2 weeks and you can see the final results in 3-4 months.